All You Need To Know About Innovative Organic E-juices

What is E-juice
Organic e-juices are also known as vape juices. It is an Innovative approach used to reduce addiction to nicotine which is contained in cigarettes. The product is thus a means used by smokers to get rid of their addiction.

Components of the organic e-juices
The organic e-juices are made up of three products; nicotine, flavoring and Vegetable Glycerin (VG) or Propylene Glycol(PG). In some of the products, the VG and PG are both used. Some people are allergic to either the VG and PG thus users are encouraged to experiment first with either component and identify which components of the product they are comfortable using.

How to choose the right e-juice based on nicotine levels
The nicotine content in the products plays the major role in the product. It is the addictive substance that brings about cravings. The nicotine levels in the organic e-juices vary so as to help users deal with addiction. The nicotine levels are basically 0%, 0.6%, 1.2%, 2.4% and 3.6 %. The 0 % nicotine e-juices are used by non-smokers who just want an oral fixation that they are smoking.

To find the best e-juice, a user should use the product that has a nicotine level closer to the number of nicotine they consumed while using the analog cigarettes. The nicotine level selected should thus be based on their organic cigarette smoking habits. It is important to select the right nicotine levels as consuming low levels of nicotine than required will lead to cravings and the user will need more of the juice. Consequently, the user may end up taking more nicotine than they used to thus increasing the addiction and damaging their health further.

The decreasing levels of nicotine allow users to gradually reduce their dosages over time till they do not smoke anymore. The use of organic e-juices is thus the Innovative way of combating cigarette smoking addiction with minimal withdrawal effects. A fete that cannot be achieved with the normal cigarettes.

E-juices are available in a variety of flavors
The e-juices are available in many flavors from food, fruity, cocktail, alcohol flavored and even tobacco flavored. Tobacco flavored e-juices are specifically made for users who want to feel that they are still using the organic cigarettes. For users who prefer a blend of flavors, some companies show their users how to mix the flavors on their web applications. For first-timers, they should start with a flavor they are sure they will love then they can proceed to other complex flavors.

The cost implications of using e-juices
Research shows that although the e-juices tend to be expensive on a purchase while considering the long-term costs, they tend to be cheaper than the organic cigarettes. Furthermore, it also helps with addiction thus it can even eliminate spending on smoking at all.

However, some of the e-juices are branded as more expensive than the other kinds. One of them is the premium organic e-juices. The premium e-juice is said to cost more due to its one of a kind flavoring. Premium e-juices will get their flavor produced specifically for each product as compared to the other types which can have the flavor produced in a big batch and distributed among the various products. The one in a kind flavor aspect thus attributes to its cost.

The packaging also determines the price. The two common types of packaging used are glass and plastic dropper bottles. E-juices packed in glass bottles are more expensive up to 4 or 5 times more than its counterpart. The glass packaged juices tend to be more expensive as the glass promotes the steeping also known as curing. Steeping is the process that takes between 1 day and a week that allows the components of the juice to become homogeneous. The steeping process can be sped up by giving the product a ‘warm bath’ in a slow cooker. The glass bottle aspect comes into play when warming as the bottle does not float as compared to the plastic one thus steeping occurs efficiently. However, the glass bottle also has its disadvantages; its fragility and level of difficulty involved in getting the juice out of the bottle.

Steeping has become a common practice that has been known to make the e-juice taste better. The older the e-juice is the better it tastes as the base and flavoring become more homogeneous. It is important to note that some companies will carry out the steeping process before presenting their product to the market while others will expect their users to do it on their own. For users who do the steeping on their own, they should be cautious for example through placing it away from children and pets as the nicotine is easily absorbed by the skin. The chemical should also be placed far away from clothes and electrical devices.

The use of organic e-juices has been an Innovative way that has helped smokers reduce their addiction and finally quit smoking with few withdrawal symptoms.