Mountain Oak Vapors Product Review

It is hard to even nearly impossible to tell the quality of a company’s e-juice by merely looking at the packaging, you need to use it to do so. But the case is different with Mountain Oak Vapors. By simply opening the packaging and seeing the silver or gold colored labels, the nice glass bottles, and even the way each bottle was bubble-wrapped, you can tell that this particular brand of organic e-juices was made to perfection. With that, you cannot wait to start vaping and enjoy its great flavors.

Mountain Oak Vapors is a fairly new company in the vaping juice manufacturing industry. It is not long ago that they entered the market, and yet they have done more than most similar companies did in an even longer period of time. They have managed to secure exclusive deals with e-Cig manufacturing companies like an Israeli based company that is looking to bring vaping to the Middle East and Liberty Stix. Our review of one of this brand’s product, the Apache, will make you understand the level of passion and professionalism that the company brings to the organic e-juices market.

First Impression

Mountain Oak Vapors organic has a number of organic e-juices available. Among them is Apache. This particular product, unlike the previous ones, has absolutely no traces of the feared funk. For those who are not familiar with it, the funk is a floral/perfumed overtone that completely destroys the other flavors in the juices. Therefore, the good news to those who use Mountain Oak Vapors products is that the funk is limited to the company’s products with the silver label tobaccos.

We also would like to commend the fact that the Apache is a full flavored naturally extracted tobacco, which is something that you will notice. In fact, this product smells exactly like Bluegrass Burley by Ahlusion. When it comes to the flavor, the product is bitter, dry, and strong tasting. Though so, you cannot compare it to the taste of Camel or Marlboro. Otherwise, the Apache has different tobacco notes coursing through it and is full of character. At 18mg, you will enjoy the throat hit quite a bit.

The Bottom Line

True to description

The flavor and taste described for this product are no lie. Though the actual type of flavors in this juice may not be that perfect but based on the overall flavor, it is not wrong to say that the description is as close to true as possible. The Apache has a very strong and full tobacco flavor, tastes like a NET, and is as described.


Though this juice might not taste that good at first, you soon get used to the taste and grow to love it. In fact, if we were to describe the taste, we would say it is extremely bitter. If sweet is something you are looking for, then this juice’s taste is not something you will enjoy. The juice also has a lot of earthy and grassy tobacco notes, which is something you will also enjoy. On top of that, the Apache does not have any unwanted flavors and artificial tastes, in other words, it is full of 100% natural tobacco goodness. If you love a pipe or cigar, then you will really appreciate this product by Mountain Oak Vapors. Though we cannot call this juice’s taste the best, we can confidently say that someone well versed in fine tobaccos will appreciate this product because of its quality and character.

Throat Hit

Your throat will really appreciate this juice. At 18mg, the product hits your throat nearly perfectly. The Apache has a higher VG blend, so its performance will not disappoint.

Quality of Vape

The quality of the vape is also something you will appreciate. It is really authentic and very strong. It truly fulfills your desires in terms of taste. If you love this flavor, then be sure to also fall for the juice itself. As mentioned, at first you might not be impressed by the juice’s taste, but once you get used to it, it will simply blow your taste buds away. We promise that you will enjoy the superior quality of both the vapor and hit.


There is nothing negative that we can say about the taste of this juice. In fact, all we can say is it is of good quality and that you will like it a lot. Compared with the other silver labeled tobaccos from the company, this gold one is really good. Which is something that leads us to believe that the gold label is the company’s symbol of greatness? Apart from that, the gold label e-juice is much safer than then silver labeled ones. Though it is not a product manufactured for everyone, those with a taste for mature tobacco flavor will really love it.

We, therefore, highly recommend it.