Guide To The Organic E-juices By S Vapors

The best organic e-juices are essential to the operation of an electronic cigarette. S Vapors offers an extensive array of e-liquids that are expertly designed to provide an enjoyable vaping experience naturally. This is aimed at ensuring that the juices do not go flat midway through the tank. In addition, users will not feel overwhelmed by the flavor. Vaping enthusiasts can choose the ideal organic e-juices from two categories: S.A.O. and Spectrum Vapor.

Both options are handcrafted to achieve consistency and superior quality. The resulting products contain no artificial dyes or colors. Customers can enjoy peace of mind knowing that the formula used to produce the juices does not trigger any adverse reactions. All the ingredients are tested thoroughly to ensure that they do not contain diacetyl or acetyl propionyl.

Key elements of e-juices

Propylene glycol more commonly known as PG is the dominant component of e-liquid with a rate often set between 50 and 80 percent. This organic compound has the specificity of creating a light vapor while restoring the best aromas.

Vegetable glycerin or VG is the ally of PG and refers to the food element producing a thick vapor. Its slightly sweet taste can soften the piquant side of the PG. These two compounds are systematically presented together via a PG / VG ratio.

Food flavors that are generally estimated between 3 and 15 percent. These aromas give the desired flavor to the vapor delivered by the electronic cigarette. Even if some e-juices are offered without nicotine, it is very common to see nicotine liquids with a certain dosage. This rate may vary depending on the product, ranging from 0 to 20 milligrams. The higher the proportion of nicotine, the more the hit felt in the throat.

It is also possible to find traces of demineralized water, which are designed to fluidify the liquid if it has a high level of VG. The presence of ethyl alcohol enhances the flavor and promotes the hit felt in the throat while fluidifying the liquid.

An endless array of flavors is offered to the vapers by all the brands of the vape market, including S Vapors. The tastes of each are different, you can choose between gourmet flavors, fruity, menthol or some with a taste that is closer to the original tobacco.

How to choose your e-liquid on S Vapors

To choose the most appropriate e-liquid for your vaping, it is important to consider three criteria: the PG to VG ratio, the flavor, and the nicotine dosage. This ratio designates the base of each e-liquid. Several proportions are applicable, all with their own positive points as well as negative points. It is difficult to steer a vaper depending on taste, the material used or the desired density of vapor.

50 PG to 50 VG is ideal for a majority of vapers, this is a good compromise between satisfactory vapor production, good flavor rendering, and a smooth hit. 70 PG to 30 VG: This ratio is the most used when it comes to e-juices. It guarantees a small volume of steam but with a very good restitution of flavors and a pronounced hit. This base is a good solution for beginner vapers who are looking for tobacco flavorings.

20 PG to 80 VG: the steam delivered will be extremely dense, the rendering of flavors is satisfactory and the hit is light. This is a good option for lovers of gourmet liquids. It is necessary to note that the strong presence of VG in e-juices will give it a viscous consistency, thus causing a fouling of the resistance.

Just like the base PG to VG, the choice of the flavor is made based on taste. To choose your e-liquid, you must first question your preferences, which can be sweet, menthol or ultra-fresh. Everything is possible for your palate. There are four families of flavors in e-juices: greedy, fruity, drinks and tobacco.

Novice vapers are advised to start with a classic e-liquid that has a tobacco taste. This type of liquid makes it possible not to get too far from the flavor of the traditional cigarette, and thus to begin weaning without losing its strength. It is even possible to choose aromas similar to that of cigarettes.

To discover the ideal organic e-liquid, browse the wide variety of options offered by S Vapors.