A Guide To Aloha’s Exotic Range Of E-juices

If there is one name that has become synonymous with exotic e-juices, then it must be Aloha. The Aloha range of e-juices has become a rage from the day they hit the market. The popularity of these organic e-juices is not difficult to find. For one these gourmet juice blends come directly from the beautiful Ko’olau Ridge, by the shores of Waikiki in Hawaii. Then comes the taste part, where these juices are quite literally unbeatable.
Wide Variety
You will be actually spoilt for choice with Aloha E Liquids. One of the most popular flavors is that of ‘Pog’. The flavor of a mix of exotic fruits including delicious guava, oranges, and the passion fruit, make it a vapers delight. If the taste of granola bar is your choice then you can always opt for the ‘Lava Flow’. Again, the unique flavor with a hint of strawberry thrown in is among the most popular variety going around. If you want something slightly sweeter, you can always try the ‘Melon Rancher’, with its sweet watermelon hard candy flavor. There is also the ‘Pineapple Back’, with pineapple and a dash of li hing mui fruit, which is native to Hawaii, for a tasty vaping experience.
Given the variety of fruit mixes that are on offer, it is not surprising to find Aloha e-liquids fast disappearing out of store shelves. Take the ‘Beast’ series for example which is very popular. If you are a fan of tangerine e-liquids, then there is nothing to beat the Beast Tygr Spit, with all its citrus tanginess and natural taste. Similarly, there is Beast CBRA spit, which is every strawberry lovers favorite. The taste of ripe strawberries makes it a must for those looking for all day vaping.
Discount Offers
There is more good news waiting for you. It is not difficult to find fabulous discount offers for Aloha E-liquids if you were to put in a bit of effort searching over the internet. There are several sites from where you can get discount coupons for the brand. Many of the leading sites also offer smaller sized sample bottles too, which cost significantly lesser. Make sure that you are always on the lookout for discount offers. The best way is to subscribe to email alerts. Also, make it a point to regularly visit online sites that offer coupon codes. Being in touch with e-cigarette stores salesmen too helps for they can always provide you with information on the latest offers, as well as new flavors.