Crystal Canyon Vapes Delivers The Purest Organic Blends

In the world of electronic cigarettes, quality vaping is defined by the type of e-juice that one uses. It boils down to the flavor of the e-liquid. The flavors are found in organic and chemical forms, but the former is considered the best. This is because it’s the purer of the two. It’s paramount to use e-juice that is clean and safe. Crystal Canyon Vapes (CC Vapes) understand this, and that’s why they prioritize on delivering organic e-liquids for the vaping community. Their flavors contain about 99.9% nicotine, vegetable glycerin, and propylene glycol. All these ingredients are first grade and naturally prepared.

What Makes the E-juices Different?

The brand is organically-driven, and they follow the American quality standards in constituting the vaping blends. Their e-juices are free from chemical additives, such as food flavors, coloring agents, and fragrances. The organic e-juices are meant to help you vape naturally. The brand handles all the stages of the preparation including the bottling so as to make sure that you buy a fresh product. CC Vapes offers e-juices samples to customers, and you can try the options by visiting their Website and making an order.

What are the Popular E-juices from CC Vapes?

Currently, the brand has a range of e-juices on offer, and they usually come with newer designs each day. The categories include:

a) Fruit-flavored e-juices: If you are a fan of fruits, there are a number of options for you. The list is long and the popular options include blackberry-flavored e-juices, tangerine and cherry e-juices, orange and tangerine e-juices, tropical fruit e-juices, cranberry e-juices, and strawberry lemonade e-juices.

b) Menthol and mint flavors: In this category, the options include peppermint cappuccino, menthol tobacco, wintergreen menthol, peppermint menthol, and banana caramel menthol.

c) Tobacco e-juices: If you are serious about pure tobacco flavors, you can have your preferred e-juices from CC Vapes. The options include nutty tobacco, honey tobacco, caramel tobacco, blueberry tobacco, and menthol tobacco. The flavors are meant to mask the strong nicotine taste and scent.

d) Sweet Blends: These e-juices smell like candies. The popular options include peppermint candy e-juices and caramel apple e-juices.

Are there any Additional Benefits?

Crystal Canyon Vapes allows you to make your own e-liquid. Through their Website, you can design your own e-juice. You are required to fill in a form that indicates your primary and secondary flavors. Other things to indicate on the list are:

• The bottle size- You can choose between 15ml, 30ml, and 60ml bottles.

• Nicotine strength

• PG/VG ratio

• Quantity

The steps are simple to follow and with no time, you are able to make an order of your favorite e-juice. You can also indicate if you want a natural sweetener added to your blend. In case you want an additional flavor, you can indicate it too.


There are unmatched fun and safety in taking organic e-juices. CC Vapes allows you to either make or order an already constituted organic e-liquid for your electronic cigarette. The options are safe and pure for your usage.